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Want to save more...


Get more done and save more time by letting someone else do the work! Plus you'll have more time to focus on being creative!


Let someone else take care of the back end work so you can stop stressing and focus more on providing valuable content for your clients!


Get it done right the FIRST time instead of having to spend more money later on trying to fix it.

Hi! I'm Courtney,

Entrepreneur, Designer and Coach. I'll be your Kajabi Ninja for your project. Here's a little bit about me and my experience. I've been using the platform for over 5 years (p.s. it took me a good 2-3 to really understand how to use every feature in Kajabi). I used to work for Kajabi - that's a plus...and got to learn so much at a faster pace. I have a background in marketing, advertising and design along with years of experience working as a designer for other companies as well as my own company and helping other entrepreneurs build their Kajabi sites, so let's just say I've got you covered ;).
Whether you're new or have been using Kajabi for awhile, I'm here to help make your business run smoothly. Let's get to work!

Are you tired of...

Feeling STUCK in your business because you don't have a website or landing page to send people to?


Spending HOURS trying to create a website that represents you and your brand?


Feeling OVERWHELMED when it comes to the "tech" side of things?


Feeling LOST when it comes to creating landing pages and connecting all the pieces together?


Or maybe you just want to save more TIME, STRESS and MONEY by outsourcing so you can focus on your expertise!

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Whether you're new or need a rebrand, this is the foundation to help you stand out online to attract your ideal clients. It all starts here.

Web Design

Do you need a converting website for your brand but don't know the first thing about design or Kajabi? Let's make magic and create a website that reflects who you are as a brand AND converts!


Stuck on your Kajabi site or course set-up and want someone to help walk you through your questions? Need help with your brand but not ready to invest in custom work? Let's chat.

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  • Full website design + set-up
  • Website transfer to Kajabi
  • Sales pages
  • Landing pages
  • Funnels
  • Looking for DIY templates? Click HERE

Timeline: 2-6 weeks depending on project details

  • Custom Sales pages start at $1000
  • Custom Websites start at $3500


  • Course set-up & design fully customized to your brand

Timeline: 2 weeks

Investment: Starts at $400


  • Primary logo
  • Secondary logo
  • Favicon
  • Color palette
  • Font pairings
  • Mood board
  • Brand board

Investment: Starts at $750


  • Website audit
  • Sales page audit
  • Brand audit

Investment: Starting at $250

How the process works

Fill out a form

Click HERE to fill out a form to let me know what projects you're needing help with. Please be specific when filling out this form.

Book a call

Once you fill out the form, you'll schedule a call for us to get to know each other & talk more details in order for me to give you an accurate quote & timeline for your project.


If we both decide to work together, it's smooth sailing from here! I'll send you a list of on-boarding tasks I need from you in order to get started on your project.
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