E-volve provides professional computer repair services and sell refurbished Apple devices. 
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E-volve came to Mayarie with the goal of increasing local store traffic for more repairs. They also needed to enhance there online shopping experience in order to leverage the online reseller market.
Brand Identity
E-volve needed its branding to immediately communicate with its audience. Mayarie worked to narrow down there target audience, enhance the user experience and set up an online shopping experience that connected with E-volves' audience. our design team worked to create brand guidelines and designs that could help scale E-volve online and locally.
The Opportunity
PC repair problems are more common than you think. There is a lot of hardware in your laptop, desktop, or other device and sometimes things just go wrong. Mayarie had the opportunity to help both E-volve and the huge market of second hand buyers get a better, more trusted experience when buying used computers or servicing broken devices. 
Product Page
E-volve Shop is always full of the most trending and the most sought-after Apple computers in the market today.  Our team completed comptetive research to find the latest trending product page designs that improved the user experience and increased sales. Our design team and development team worked in tandem to bring about a dream product page experience.
Research Phase
In order to design a stellar website, we started by building a solid understanding of Evolve Computer’s business and market positioning.
How It Went
Evolve Computer website does not have a single stock image, with each visual asset created in our studio.


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