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NEXUS is a powerful algorithm that connects to private data & plugs it into live charts to help notify you when it's time to buy or sell in any market in real time.
Our Role
Web Design, User Experience, Front-End Development, User Interface Design, Project Management, Web Animation
The Opportunity
Many traders build charts with complicated lines, indicators and oscillators leaving them confused with too many signals. Mayarie had an opportunity to help Nexus stand out from a sea of competitors. We were presented with an opportunity to help an innovative new trading platform to position itself as a market leader. 
Brand Identity
In order to capture the essence of the Nexus brand our team implemented a 3 phase process to identify the target user persona, there key market differentiators and Nexus's goals for growth. Once done we brought it over to our design team for developing brand guidlielines that fully embody the brand identity of Nexus. 
Product Page
Get real time alerts on any stock, forex or crypto ticker in any time all automated. Get real time alerts on any stock, forex or crypto ticker in any time all automated. All designed with the user in mind. 
Research Phase
In order to design a stellar website, we started by building a solid understanding of Nexus’s business and market positioning. We worked with their team lead to break down what is important for the user experience and what can help them stand out from other trading platforms. With actionable feedback in hand, our team set out to building a beautiful, rich and powerful website.
How It Went
Nexus’s website does not have a single stock image, all visual assets were made by our team equipped with the latest graphic design knowledge. 


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