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Local Health prides itself on offering unparalleled care and services to our community of patients and their families.
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Local Health came to Mayarie for direction on supercharging there online growth for the more than 300 Telepharmacies. There goal was to increase access to healthcare across rural communities by opening tele-pharmacies in areas without a pharmacy in a ten-mile radius. Our Digital Strategists put them on the right track with a synergistic application of SEO, Web Development, Paids Ads and Social Media.
Our Role
User Experience, Front-End Development, Back-End Development, User Interface Design, Project Management, Web Animation, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Ads, Social Media Management.
Brand Identity
Local Health believes that the foundation of happiness starts with quality healthcare. Their mission is to champion healthier and happier communities, reimagined by human and technological innovation, delivering effortless and healthier care.
Our team helped to bring out the best in there brand by realigning the brand voice and putting in place a new set of brand guidelines. We used these updated assets as part of our ongoing website redesign project, paid campaigns and social media campaigns.

The Opportunity

As the future of pharmacies go, Local Health wanted to pave the way. They needed an online experience that set them apart and perfected all the details of a visit to there website. A simple backend commerce system that could be managed by there in-house team was key in supporting there scaling initiatives. Our team consulted, provided guidance and implemented systems benefitting both Local Healths teams experience and the customers experience on their website. 
In order to help maintain their high standards, a perfect online experience had to be sculpted. They needed a partner that could bring out the best in their brand & business.
Product Page
Having the perfect product page to help simplify the ordering process is key for any business selling online. So our experts researched top competitors and implemented best practices to help Local Health not only compete but standout amongst its competitors. 

Research Phase
In order to design a stellar website, we started by building a solid understanding of Local Health's business and market positioning.
How It Went
Local Health is now made up of community-focused, local independent pharmacies and tele-pharmacies dedicated to providing healthcare to the communities. With our help they have been able to better reach local customers and do what they do best, making healthcare simple. 
Localhealth shot up in local rankings, improved ROAS by 800% and brought in new customers to there business units at a pace never seen before.


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